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Please reserve your place on the course by filling out the application form below. Participation is fully guaranteed when due payment is completed. You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about registration or payment. 


1st year Sensory Trainer - Practitioner Level - 37.000,- DKK
2nd year Sensory Trainer - Master Level - 37.000,- DKK
3rd year Sensory Trainer - Mentor Level - 25.000,- DKK
Payment Method 1: Early Bird offer for full amount (save 5.000,- DKK if payed by April 1st, 4.000,- DKK if payed by May 1st, save 3.000,- DKK if payed by June 1st, save 2.000,- DKK if payed by July 1st, save 1.000,- DKK if payed by August 1st).
Payment Method 2: Installment payments: September. 1st, January 1st, April 1st
16.-19. September 2021, Single Module, 4 days (Apply to previous students) 3.500,- DKK
16 -19. September 2021, Single Module, 4 days (Apply to new students) 5.000,- DKK
Private session by Martin Spang Olsen - Special Offer 800,- DKK
GRATIS 1:1 Samtale - Gratis indtil 16. september 2021
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