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2022 Datoer:

5-8 maj

26-29 maj [Ekskursion]

Semester Efterår:

1-4 september

29 sept. - 2 oktober

3-6 november

1-4 december


Fredage - kl. 16-22

Torsdage - kl  16-22

Lørdage - kl. 10-16

Søndage - kl. 10-16

Sted: DSF Studio
Tagensvej 85, 2. sal
2200 Kbh N

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Sensory Trainer

Spring 2022:
May 5 - 8

May 26-29 [Field Trip]

Autumn Semester:

September 1 - 4

Sept 29 - October 2

November 3 - 6

December 1 - 4


Sensory Training® has proven to be one of the quickest ways to improve health, quality of life, learning ability, concentration and creativity.

We learn through sensing, we experience reality through sensing, we approach our Self through sensing. And through breathing we connect to our physical body, spirituality and immersion. Sensing and breathing are thus our natural base as human beings.

At the Sensory Training® Institute, we work with the latest research within the senses and emotions. Through a unique integration of sound, feeling and physical movement, all intelligences and senses are optimized simultaneously in a creative and musical flow. The result is a richer, deeper, healthier and more joyous life.

  • Do you want to stay in a constant creative flow - physically, mentally and auraly?
  • Do you want to work with the latest research within senses and emotions?
  • And do you want to help others to train their senses, as a means of rejuvenation, learning ability and quality of life?

Then the Sensory Training® Program might be for you.

Martin Spang Olsen founded the Sensory Training Institute in 2012 as a platform for research and education within sensory principles. The teaching specializes in artistic expression, therapy, pedagogy and health. The full education takes from 1-3 years.


The Sensory Trainer program is new and designed for anyone interested in creativity, art, play, learning, physique, therapy and health.

Give yourself a present, in which you:

  • train your focus and your ability to perform.
  • learn to use senses, feelings, sound, body and intuition as professional tools.
  • create a breeding ground for new approaches to health, zest, well-being, therapy, art and learning.
  • make a living on things you love.

There are endless resources – intellectually, physically, and spiritually - in optimized senses.

Senses can be trained, and everyone can do it.


”It is through the senses, we create our reality. Consequently, the quality of our perception defines the quality of our reality. Our perception of reality is determined by what we feel and sense - there is no objective reality”.

Martin Spang Olsen, 2013